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Frameworks for car license

Frameworks for car license

One of the main fields of auto accessories for AER is mass production of frameworks for car registration license (auto frame). There are different types of frames which AER offers to its clients:

  • Frame - book
  • Frame - book serial
  • Frame –panel
  • Frame - panel chrome
  • Frames customized.
Moreover the company provides the opportunity for its customers starting from the 1st of April 2013 to purchase frameworks for car registration plate in package. AER offers the following packages:


Cardboard insert


Bag with euro standard holder

Individual bag (polypropylene), cardboard insert with product description and flap for hanging.

Sticker with product code and bar code.

Individual bag (polypropylene) with cardboard flap for hanging.  Sticker with product code and bar code.

Individual bag (polypropylene) with euro standard holder. Sticker with product code, bar code and manual for installation.


AER produce a variety of frames for car license with the help of modern techniques allowing to achieve excellent results. Frames are made of high quality raw material which allows reaching such characteristics as strength and resistance to external damages with original design and usage characteristics. 

Frames are high resistant to temperature changes and mechanical loads. Characteristic of rigidity and flexibility are balanced. Frame retains its properties at temperature range from -50 º C till +50 º C, which is important for extreme continental climate. AER specialists have mastered the technology plotting on frames labels, advertising slogans, logos and other information on request.

Very popular is chrome finish coat; it is possible to view samples of products on website. Such type of frameworks is made for practical person. Micron metal coating extends shelf life of frames. The surface has mirror effect and at the same time the entire body is flexible. AER is also ready to produce on request frames with light-accumulating effect.