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Plastic molding using injection molding machine

Production of plastic items in our enterprise is carried out using the technology of plastic molding on the injection molding machine, the thermoplastic polymer are applied. The process starts from reprocessing of the polyethylene of high pressure and PVC at temperature up to 250ºC and pressure up to 100 kg/cm2 by molding machines. Then the molded polymeric mass is poured to the mold of the off-the-shelf product. After that the mold is chilled.

Thanks to the molding machines available on our enterprise we can achieve high productivity together with minimal losses that allows the “AER” company to win a great range of production with low prime cost.

That is why we can guarantee our customers our high-quality production of the complex structure and high characteristics at low price. Application of the polymers that went through granulation in this technology allows getting production with high rates of thermalphysic and electric properties.

Using up to day technologies AER manufactures molds of gate configuration and molds that have configuration without gate. Thanks to this way of polymer processing it is possible to produce solid articles as well as hollow ones. Due to the fact that utilization of the high quality materials for manufacture of these configurations, allowing to prolong terms of exploitation of the molds, raises the price of the manufacturing process.

This type of plastic processing is used to manufacture different details, car accessories, `pots and pans and other goods.