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Quality of products is always on the first place for AER.

Universal splash guards are one of the main items produced by AER. Splash guards are produced with use of the patented material composition created specifically for the manufacture of splash guards and designed to meet all operational and technical requirements for such type of products which allows extending shelf-time of the product.

The function of splash guards:

  • Front and back splash guards protect the lower part of the car body from the mud and water, as well as from the road gravel which shoot out under the wheels, provide protection and safety
  • Splash guards increase safety of the road traffic by preventing dangerous jump of stones and outside objects into the car moving in the general stream in high-speed mode.
  • In addition, splash guards form aerodynamic airflow (created by the driving) around the vehicle in such way that it reduces the formation of mud-drip coating settled on car.
  • Splash guards are aesthetic completion of the wheel arch; they highlight the beauty of the car body.

Splash guards made by AER hast the following characteristics: excellent flexibility, advanced strength under shock loads, high cold resistance (it means they do not lose their strength characteristics at low temperatures), the thermal stability and resistance to the sudden temperature changes.

Universal splash guards are suitable for a wide range car models (more than 70 % of models) produced in Russian and abroad. They could be fixed with the help of screws, thereby preventing the accumulation of dirt underneath.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Two pairs splash guards( weight app. 400 g);
  • individual packing (blister or cardboard insert);
  • installation instructions;
  • fasteners (screws - 8 pcs.)
  • compatibility table for the different models.

Compatibility of splash guards with car models

AER constantly expands range of products, analyses customer needs and market trends. AER experts work to improve the resource base and design new models. The table below shows the compatibility of splash guards with various car models.


Many drivers are aware of the situation when the front mud flaps do not prevent the formation of "beard" or a wedge between the wheel and splash guards. Back splash guards have such structure that caused a rear window dirtying. What AER offers - excludes both situations.

Currently on the market of the raw materials there are two main types of splash guards: rubber and plastic. It is possible to find cheap, low quality splash guards as well as more expensive and therefore better quality. Let us try to understand what is the difference between different types and what are the implications of customer choose:

Comparative characteristics of the main types of splash guards:

Type and characteristics

Rubber splash guards
Rubber of general purpose

Plastic splash guards.
Hard type of plastic

Thermoelastolayer mudguards produced by the AER company 

Heat stability


Short-term heating is possible (to avoid irreversible changes), if heating is long and temperature exceeds 23±2°C, then the material gets "fluidity" and is exposed to heat aging which means that product loses its main characteristics.


Products sustain high temperatures without changing their shape and mechanical properties.


Withstand increasing of temperature up to +50 C ° and higher
 Products sustain drastic temperature fluctuation without changing their functional performance.


Ability of materials to maintain their operating characteristics below a temperature of 0°C.


omes solid at low temperatures. For rubber, one of the most undesirable properties of a solid body is its brittleness.


Conversion from plastic deformation to brittle rupture occurs in plastic by reduction of temperature. The temperature of brittleness occurrence varies from -5°C to -15°C.

 Withstand fall of temperature up to -50 C ° and lower. 
 Products sustain drastic temperature fluctuation without changing their functional performance.

Resistance to oil and petrol

Characterizes the ability of material to sustain the impact of oil products.


Can't sustain the impact of oil products protractedly.

Density of rubber changes as a result of such an impact: swelling occurs, which may be uneven, wash-out (dissolution) of different components happen and the loss of important mechanical properties takes place as a consequence of it.


Resistant to humidity, to the effect of strong acids and alkalies, chemically stable to organic solvents.


Resistance to oil and petrol, to the effect of household solvents and alkalies.

Light resistance


Photochemical reactions occur and ozone aging quickens in the surface layer of a mechanical rubber product under the sunlight. Expensive light stabilizers and antioxidants are added to rubber compound to enhance light resistance

Sensitive to oxygen, especially under the UV and high temperatures. In such conditions products acquire dulling and whitish stains.

High quality material and special technologies eliminate the possibility of color fade and the negative impact of radiation

Wear resistance

Wear resistance is an ability to sustain destruction and separation of the surface layer under the surface friction (including complex impact of environment factors).


Under optimal operation conditions wear resistance is high, but operation characteristics weaken under trespassing of temperature limit.


Can't sustain shock and bending load, and may be broken because of careless catching a stone or striking a curb.

The characteristic of rigidity and flexibility are balanced; optimal shock and break loads are calculated; long and safe operational properties are guaranteed.

Corrosion aggressiveness


Rubber's ability to cause corrosion destruction of metals and alloys, being in contact with mechanical rubber product, arises from corrosion-active substances and moisture, exuding from rubber as well as gaseous products of rubber destruction. The effect increases under temperature and humidity rise.


Material doesn't influence the surfaces of metals and alloys, contacting with it.

 Material doesn't influence the surfaces of metals and alloys contacting with it.

Resistance to clinking and crack growth

In complex with stretching stress cracks appear on rubber surface. The cracks lead to more intensive interaction of surface layers of mechanical rubber product with environment and, as a result, acceleration of cracks growth up to product destruction and complete loss of operation characteristics.

Low resilience and destruction as a result of quick growth of microcracks are the character properties of rigid plastics.

High plastic properties, no ductitility of material and special material processing as well. As a result high resistance to microcracks and the integrity of material structure.

Operating features

Heavy and tear off easily as are weighed down in the attaching point.

Cracks because of frost, scratch car's polish, they are rigid and can only be installed with a gap, that will accumulate mud.

Shockproof, not dirt adherent, no special treatment is needed.

Ecological compatibility

Harmless when period of operation and service conditions are followed.

Almost harmless physiologically

Harmless physiologically


High plastic and elastic properties



Certainly on the market it possible to find original splash guards from Europe but they are not cheap, designed for a mild climate and produces taking into consideration comfort European road.

Traditional splash guards have higher price and lower quality than AER products because the quality of AER universal splash guards is comparable with foreign analogues and the price is comparable with other producers. On request of the customer it is possibly to manufacture splash guards of different color that gives the opportunity to apply a corporate design and advertising.

We offer you splash guards for wholesale in several product lines:

  • Universal splash guards: «Classic» - popular models in black, white, blue, red, yellow and green colors. «Lux» - fashion models: black with glitter, silver metallic, wet asphalt, gray nacre. "Labled" - black universal splash guards with application of labels - popular brand of car models.
  • Universal large splash guards - perfect for SUVs, crossovers, minivans. Shape of splash guards go well with the design of car. Available in a series of «Classic», «Lux», «Modeling".
  • Customized splash guards - made-to-order with a possibility to change of shape, applying the method of embossing labels or customer's logo, change the color of the product or other changes that are allowed without violating the technological and operational parameters.

Made-to-order customized splash guards the company controls at all stages of pre-production. Time and cost of the order will be discussed separately based on customer requirements.