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The frameworks with the unique design can become a part of an image of a firm, company or even a single person. You can order the frameworks for your state license plate with the inscription of your logotype, elements of corporate identity or advertising information, as well as the frameworks of exclusive color solution, supporting your company's image.


The automobile frameworks on order can be embellished with an original inscription, logotype or drawing at a request of a customer. Such inscription may contain your company's site address, telephone number, logotype or a humorous motto.


We propose the widest advertising space in this range of goods, for its width is 520 mm, height is 25 mm. Inscription is applied by the screen printing technique. The exclusive additions are inserted into dyes that provide increased light fastness and durability. Color execution of the frameworks is submitted with a customer. Special coating may be applied on a framework at a customer's request that provides the effect of light accumulation (glow in the dark).

The minimal order of the individual frameworks is starting with 100 items. Term of production is starting with 10 days and depends on the amount of items ordered and on the type of individual packaging.


Individual packaging and delivery terms are specified when ordering.


It is possible to manufacture the set of the automobile framework and flavoring with your corporate identity.