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Individual flavorings

“AER” company offers production of individual flavorings. Air fresheners — the car flavorings with a logotype or another company symbolics can be used:

  • as souvenirs (for distribution) — the perfect opportunity to make a useful and rememberable gift to your partners, customers and friends, as these souvenirs are always in sight of advertisement addressees, thus promoting your brand, goods or service;
  • for further sale (commercial execution) — the unique opportunity to earn money using your own advertisement;
  • as a prize, being awarded for someone's success, achievements, sales volume or purchase amount, for encouragement of your employees and customers;
  • an individual flavoring, being manufactured by «AER» in any shape and size according to your own design, gives you an opportunity to create a unique and, which is most important, rememberable present.


Characteristics of the article





Overall dimensions


Production of articles of any given configuration is possible within the dimension limits.


Black, white, black with sparkles, wet asphalt, silver metalized, blue, ultramarine, nacre, ultramarine with sparkles, lilac nacre, red yellow, green, pink, blue

Individual product color is available


Ocean, vanilla, strawberry, green apple, citrus, sakura, lilac

Aroma can be chosen on order


Flexible cord of black color

Individual product color is available

Maximum amount of colors for printing


Printing can be accomplished on both sides of the item

Minimum batch

1000 pcs


Delivery time of the minimum order

21 day