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The flat hooks-hangers

Our company has elaborated and put on serial manufacturing the product, which is new for the Russian market — namely, the flat hooks-hangers for a car. Our goods will help you to arrange your things conveniently and to optimize car interior. The flat hooks-hangers are fixed to the headrest of the driver's seat and placed behind a driver. Your belongings (bags, purses, parcels, umbrellas), placed on these hooks-hangers, are situated in the zone, that is «blind» for an outside observer and in the convenient availability for you.

The product is completed by 2 pieces, carrying capacity of each item exceeds 5 kg.

The items are manufactured in 3 colors: black, transparent and orange.

When ordered by wholesale, a customer's color solution can be used for manufacturing.

The flat hooks-hangers black
Vendor code: К 01 00 02
Min. lot: 100
The flat hooks-hangers orange
Vendor code: К 16 00 02
Min. lot: 100
The flat hooks-hangers transparent
Vendor code: К 18 00 02
Min. lot: 100