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Participation in the Moscow International Automobile Exhibition

The “AER” company has taken part in the 11th Moscow International Automobile Exhibition “Motor Show 2007”, that has taken place in the end of August and in the beginning of September. According to the results of the exhibition our company received the “certificate of participation in MIMS 2007”. The “Motor Show” exposition presents a great number of participants. More than 700 companies from 30 countries all over the world demonstrate their novelties and exchange their experience in the exhibition hall “Crocus Expo” each year. Such exhibitions are carried out once a year and participation in the event, that is so grandiose for the world of Russian automobile industry, is an important criteria for the companies, working hard on creation and development of their own market.

Besides the ordinary splash guards, our company presented the “Easy Line” splash guards of a new batch as well as the modeling ones on the exhibition. In addition to that the new production of the company was presented – the plastic flavorings for an interior of a vehicle.

Production of the “AER” company drove attention of many participants and visitors of the exhibition, that proves attractiveness of our products for a customer on the Russian market.