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«Expo-Russia Kazakhstan 2012»


AER was invited by Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg to take part in the exhibition «Expo-Russia Kazakhstan 2012" which was held in Almaty. All products presented by the company: splash guards, frameworks for car license, flavors and other products. The exhibition brings together more than 100 Russian and foreign companies interested in getting their products to the market of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. By taking part in this exhibition the company got an excellent opportunity to show its products to potential customers from Kazakhstan and other republics.

The AER company aroused great interest among the Kazakh colleagues both in terms of selling our products to the region and the opportunity to place an advertising on products. Such products as universal splash guards, universal splash guards of different colors, large black splash guards and car flavors were especially marked. A wide advertising area on the part of the AER framework- books emphases our products in Kazakhstan.

As a result of the exhibition AER acquired a lot of new customers interested in purchasing our products for the people of Kazakhstan.

Finally AER was awarded a diploma participation of the Third Russian -Kazakhstan Industrial Exhibition «EXPO-RUSSIA KAZAKHSTAN 2012 as well as gratitude for the assistance in the preparation and holding the exhibition.