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Large Universal Splash guards

Large Universal Splash guards are suitable for all cars of different models (Russian and foreign production): crossovers, SUVs, minibus, Volga

  • Available in various colors
  • Plotting the brand name of car on splash guards.
  • Standard set includes: the packaging, the two splash guards, fasteners, installation instructions and a table of compatibility.

Technical parameters:

Material: HEP (heat resistant flexible plastic). It retains elastic properties at -50 ° C to +50 ° C. Soil-repellent.

Set includes: fasteners (screws 8 pcs.) + Quick Installation Guide

30 sets in a carton (size of box 615х365х315mm)

Examples of installation instruction of splash guards possible to find at the following links. Thank you "Hover club" for the provided material:

Video review of the front mudguards

Video review of the rear mudguards


Image Name Article
Large universal mudguard black БУБ 010001 Оставить заявку
Large universal mudguard white БУБ 020001 Оставить заявку
Large universal mudguard black with sparcle effect БУБ 070001 Оставить заявку
Large universal mudguard metal silver БУБ 080001 Оставить заявку
Large universal mudguard charcoal БУБ 090001 Оставить заявку