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Quality of products is always on the first place for AER.

Universal splash guards are one of the main items produced by AER. Splash guards are produced with use of the patented material composition created specifically for the manufacture of splash guards and designed to meet all operational and technical requirements for such type of products which allows extending shelf-time of the product.

The function of splash guards:

  • Front and back splash guards protect the lower part of the car body from the mud and water, as well as from the road gravel which shoot out under the wheels, provide protection and safety
  • Splash guards increase safety of the road traffic by preventing dangerous jump of stones and outside objects into the car moving in the general stream in high-speed mode.
  • In addition, splash guards form aerodynamic airflow (created by the driving) around the vehicle in such way that it reduces the formation of mud-drip coating settled on car.
  • Splash guards are aesthetic completion of the wheel arch; they highlight the beauty of the car body.

Splash guards made by AER hast the following characteristics: excellent flexibility, advanced strength under shock loads, high cold resistance (it means they do not lose their strength characteristics at low temperatures), the thermal stability and resistance to the sudden temperature changes.

Universal splash guards are suitable for a wide range car models (more than 70 % of models) produced in Russian and abroad. They could be fixed with the help of screws, thereby preventing the accumulation of dirt underneath.