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In product range of AER there is brand new products line of splash guards called “Original”.

The features of product original design this line is ideal for brand Mazda. Splash guards are made of high quality plastic that retains its elasticity at temperatures from -45 to +52 degrees.

Splash guards prevent paint damage and protect the body against pollution doorstep and bumper. On request it is possible to order original design in AER Company which will be done according to developed project. In May 2013 AER started production of new product models: back splash guards for «LADA LARGUS».

New product has the following features:

  • Are made of high quality raw material which ensures product integrity and compliance with technological and operational requirements;
  • Withstand temperature fluctuation from -50 C ° till +50 C °, product doesn’t break during cooling and doesn’t sticky when heated;

The design of these splash guards specifically done for «LADA LARGUS» that provides a perfect fit. On customer request it is possible to print logo with help of silk screening method. These features of products ensure high demand.

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Back original mudguards for «LADA LARGUS» БЛ 01 00 03 Оставить заявку
Back original mudguards for MAZDA БМz 01 00 03 Оставить заявку