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The framework-books

Our company produces the framework-books for the registration plate of different colors.
They are manufactured from initial material, universal for 90% of cars in the form of books, with hard snap, with fastening around the perimeter.
The degree of rigidity and flexibility are optimally balanced.

The framework is not a subject to breakage and doesn’t depend on the temperature fluctuation.
It is possible to print inscription, logo and advertising with the help of silk screen printing.

The size for advertising area: 25*518 mm.

The batch: 50 pcs in a box (overall dimensions 535х300х350mm)

Image Name Article Number
The framework-book pink РК 350100
The framework-book cyan РК 340100
The framework-book black РК 010100
The framework-book white РК 020100
The framework-book yellow РК 050100

Image Name Article Number
The framework-book pearl green РК 110100
The framework-book pearl red РК 040100
The framework-book pearl blue РК 130100

Image Name Article Number
The framework-book black with sparcle РК 070100
The framework-book silver metal РК 080100