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Trapezium scraper

The scrapers is designed to clean icing and water from windows and mirrors of the car.

Material: plastic

Overall dimensions: 125х110 mm (WхH).

Color:  black, white, blue, red, silver, yellow, green.

It is possible to order individual color of the product and as well as printing your logo.

More detailed product specifications are below:

Product characteristics


The size of area for printing:

Trapezium with the height of 55 mm, width 60 mm narrow base, wide - 90 mm.


Maximum number of colors for printing:


Possible double-sided printing

Minimum batch:

2000 pcs.


Delivery time of the minimum order:

14 days

The product without printing and individual packaging


Trapezium scraper white/black water squeegee
Артикул: СТ 02/01 00 00
Мин. партия:
Trapezium scraper white/blue water squeegee
Артикул: СТ 02/03 00 00
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Trapezium scraper white/red water squeegee
Артикул: СТ 02/04 00 00
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