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Serial flavorings

One of the main industries of the LLC «AER» is the manufacture of serial flavorings. At present we offer the renovated batch of this product with an increased transparency.

The mimimal amount to order is starting with one transport packaging (50 items in the transport packaging).

Term of manufacturing depends on the amount to order, starting with 3 days.


  1. The serial packaging in blisters with the «AER» trade mark (included in a product's cost). In the basic packaging (marking of goods №1 is rectangle, marking of goods №2 is figured).
  2. With individual design: drawing or/and inscription on a cardboard substrate according to a customer's sketch.

Product cost doesn't change when ordering 10 000 pieces and more with an individual design of the substrate.

Product cost increases by 10% from one stated in the table when ordering from 5000 to 10 000 items with individual design of the substrate.

Product cost is calculated separately depending on quantity of items when ordering less than 5000 pieces with individual design of the substrate.

Image Name Article Аромат Цвет Number
Star (no print) А 0901 Vanilla Red
Airplane MIG-29 А 0505 Citrus Red
Star (with print) А 0804 Black ice Black
Submarine А 1503 Citrus Black
Airplane YAK-3 А 0404 Coffee Silver
Star (with print) А 0802 Vanilla Red
Star А 0902 Vanilla Red
Star (with print) А 0805 Ocean White
Submarine А 1504 Coffee Black
Airplane YAK-3 А 0405 Citrus Red
Star (with print) А 0803 Strawberry Red
Submarine А 1502 Vanilla Black
Airplane YAK-3 А 0403 Vanilla Olive
Star (with print) А 0801 Green apple Olive
Dolphin А 0101 Ocean Blue
Dolphin А 0102 Vanilla Pink
Dolphin А 0103 Green Apple Green
Airplane MIG-29 А 0503 Ocean Blue
Airplane MIG-29 А 0504 Vanilla Black
Eagle (2 ps) А 0701 Mountain freshness Black, white