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09 April 2012

We invite you to visit the international exhibition “Interauto-2012”. We will present the popular and brand new production of our company in the exhibition hall “Crocus Expo” in Moscow. We will be delighted to meet you, get acquainted and start mutually beneficial collaboration.

28 August 2011

“AER” company has taken part in the 7th international exhibition “Interauto-2011”. Our company has presented its continuous products and novelties. Assortment of our production has attracted great attention of the large consumers of automobile accessories as well as of the advertising agencies. The broad empty space on the frameworks for the state license plate, the framework samples with inscriptions as well as the opportunity to produce individual flavorings in original packaging – all this allow to place advertising information along with your corporate symbolics on our products.

30 November 2010

The batch of the “Leningradsky” modeling splash guards has come into market! It is due to their original design and good operating ability that the splash guards of this batch suit for the exploitation on the automobiles “Mazda 3” perfectly.

14 November 2010

We call your attention to a new product in our assortment – the original hooks-hangers for your car. This product, being the brand new for the Russian market, is expected to find its consumer. This pegs suit for fastening to the seat headrest and are assigned for placing the plastic bags with purchases. By using this pegs you can optimize the space in your car and avoid blocking it up.

01 September 2010

The new proposal of the “AER” company is production of the flavorings on individual order. They can be of any geometrical shape, a drawing or a logotype can be drawn according to your wish.

30 August 2009

The “AER” company has presented the assortment of its production on the stand of the 5th international exhibition “Interauto”. The following items of the company's production were presented: splash guards, flavorings, frameworks for the state license plate and the novelty of our assortment – the aerodynamic dividers for an automobile. Also new variety of the frameworks for the state license plate was presented – the board-frame. According to the exhibition results, our company was awarded a diploma for participation in the exhibition.

12 February 2009

ООО «АЕР» разработало и запустило в серийное производство новинку - аэродинамические рассекатели.

22 March 2008

The “AER” company has presented the new type of the product on the international exhibition “Interauto” - the frame-book for the automobile license plate.

12 March 2008

LLC “AER” has taken out a patent for the fundamentally new engineering solution – the frameworks for the state license plate.

07 September 2007

LLC “AER” was accepted as a member of the Saint-Petersburg association of the autocomponents manufactors.